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Faceted Gemstone Harness Video


   This VIDEO is specifically designed to illustrate the effectiveness of

using the Claw & Spider techniques as the basis to building beautiful

faceted gemstone jewelry.

   “The Claw & Spider are

real techniques designed to

keep your cost of building

beautiful faceted gemstone

jewelry LOW.”

   You want to learn to build

most or all of the findings &

sets of a piece so your cost

is nothing more than the

metal & faceted gemstones.

   Referring to the image of our

famous “My Baby” Citrine

Necklace & Pendant (to the right),

you will notice that the entire

work has only a very small

number of findings. The head

pins, bail, accent beading, claw

& all other metallic parts of the

work are hand crafted.

   The pricing of our Claw and

Spider Tutorials is largely just

symbolic. Usually “How To”

information is only considered

valuable if it is paid for.

   To be blandly honest, MGEM

is not seeking to profit from

technique training, as much as

we seeks artists using our

gemstones. (emphasis added)

This VIDEO is being updated. A NEW Demo Video will be posted here soon.

   The Video you are about to see contains “exclusive images” of jewelry crafted using the Claw technique. It is designed to give you a general idea of just how the technique works, & you will be able to see it’s value right away.

   This VIDEO does not contain a “playable” song from the MGEM GOLD-Rocks CD.
   However, the DVD Set (2 Disks) that you will receive in the mail as your CLAW order does contain several MrGemStoneEyes songs, along with voice instruction & actual demonstration.

   More importantly, it contains everything you need to know to begin harnessing faceted gemstones by hand using precious metal wire sculpting techniques and basic jewelry pliers.

   Thanks for watching this and other MrGemStoneEyes

Video. We believe every word spoken & written in this site

is true and we do personally guarantee that the Claw & Spider techniques work as shown.

   A faceted gemstone harness is a pronged jewelry

“setting” made from jewelry wire, used to frame &

hold any size or shape of gemstone or cabochon.

   Previously, to “mount” a faceted gemstone one

would need a pronged setting the size and shape

of the gemstone to secure it into the work. These

settings are made by “casting” (pouring metal into

a mold) and/or machined punch-work, or both.

   Faceted gemstone settings can be “casted” right

into the work, or made as attachment pieces such

as bezel settings, dangle settings or snap sets etc.

   The hand crafted faceted gemstone harness

“by-passes” the necessity of casting or punching

snap sets or soldering bezels. It is a method of

building pronged “claws” from jewelry wire using a simple wire artist jewelry kit. The Claw “talons” hold faceted gemstones and cabochons much more securely than traditional settings of any type.

Gemstone Harness - Defined

Harness Video - Description

New Video is Being Produced & will be Posted Here Soon