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MrGemStoneEyes is the home of Fine Handcrafted Jewelry.

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Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry & Gemstones by MrGemStoneEyes

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‘How to’ Make Jewelry Using Faceted Gemstones

   Welcome … to the Fine HandCrafted Jewelry and Gemstone WebStore. A place where you’ll find beautiful Faceted Gemstones specially cut and priced and, of coarse, The Claw Jewelry Making Tutorial. Here you’ll find just the right specific type, size, color and amount of faceted gemstones you’ll need for Jewelry Making. We have gemstone lots, gemstone kits, and even a single, solitary gemstone centerpiece for all of your jewelry making needs.

   For jewelry artists, the MGEM Jewelry Making Tutorial will reveal incredible jewelry making techniques using gemstones, both faceted and cabochon. Gemstone Jewelry just as you see in the pictures above, all loaded with faceted gemstones. Gemstones like topaz, amethyst, citrine, garnet, peridot and even the renowned “Lectra Blue”. So get ready to make some incredible handcrafted jewelry like never before.

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    MrGemStoneEyes is merging the magic of wire-artistry with the beauty of faceted gemstones.


   With HUNDREDS of Jewelry Tutorials now available, how does one know which to choose as best suited for their needs?

   There is a sure way to find the answer to this question and it is detailed on the MGEM webstore in ETSY.

   If you would like to discover the simple method, just click the link here:  and scroll down to the Title    How To Choose a Jewelry Making Tutorial

“You’ll definitely remember where you found ‘these’ faceted gemstones. It will ‘dawn’ upon you the moment you open your order.”


Successful Jewelry Making Tutorial Still the Best

The Successful CLAW Jewelry Making Tutorials are STILL the BEST

  After over 8 years of use, the Claw Jewelry Making Tutorials are still the very best that are available anywhere in the world.

   While it is true that there was a lot of resistance to “the Claw” wire wrap Jewelry Tutorials in the beginning, time has proven the success of the system and technique. It was my intent to create a truly life changing tutorial and for those that took advantage of the system, it give them the ability to earn money because the jewelry they made actually SOLD.

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   All Loose Gemstones, and all Claw Jewelry Tutorials are Guaranteed with Warranties that are exclusive to customers of MrGemStoneEyes.

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           2. Provide high quality faceted loose gemstones to our customers & friends so they can build “themed” matching jewelry.

  The 2 primary goals & functions of the MGEM store (both virtual and brick & mortar) are;           1. Supply Knowledge of “how to” systematically wire wrap faceted gemstones using gold & silver wire with speed;

nine year store open starr Marco Redundum Bracelet, the finest Strawberry Quartz available Taylor Modeling Faceted Gemstone Necklace made with the CLAW background Taylor Modeling Faceted Gemstone Necklace made with the CLAW Topaz Faceted Gemstone Bracelet with Earrings Topaz Faceted Gemstone Parcel INCLUDING Topaz Faceted Gemstone Parcel Best Selection & Price for Artisans Using Wire The Claw Faceted Gemstone Harness Photo Album Green Banner