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   You can learn to build beautiful faceted gemstone jewelry just as I did. In fact, you’ll have a much easier time as the Claw DVD’s will show you all the things it took me years to figure out.

   As for the development of the Claw System, I didn’t have much of a choice in the matter. One day I woke up to discover that I could no longer walk up shipside gangways, and my career as a shipbuilding training instructor / foreman were over. For it is now up to workmans compensation insurance to decide who works and who does not; at least in the maritime industry. Fail even one of their tests, and you are black-balled for life. But in my case, they were right as I could no longer even walk to the gate.

   Some years later, I had this grand idea to re-enter the workplace by building jewelry for my wife’s hair & wig salon. But that ended in yet another failure as the jewelry I was taught to make simply did not sell very well. Everyone had beads & they just would not sell for a profit. Realizing my skill level was to low & seeing that I didn’t have 20 years to learning a new career, I needed a way to make beautiful jewelry without having to become a silversmith and make molds & expensive cast-works either. So I guess I was looking for something that did not yet exist.

   I needed a miracle.

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If I Can Do It… So Can You.

   The business of Fine HandCrafted Jewelry & Gemstones by MrGemStoneEyes began in 2008 as a failure. “We started out using commonly sold Jewelry Making Tutorials and while there was general knowledge gained, the end works that were made from those techniques just would not sell for very much profit in my wife’s wig & hair store.” Joe explains “It seemed that everyone had beads and without learning to become a silversmith with thousands of dollars to invest in equipment, there was just no way to separate ourselves from the crowd with ‘real’ jewelry.”

   “Real Jewelry’ consisted of faceted gemstones & unless I could add those into the work, it would continue to be sub-par; in my opinion. And that is pretty much where it began.” Joe concludes.

   “It was just time to realize that jewelry needed faceted gemstones; there was just no other way around it.”

   Since that time, the Claw© was developed to harness the faceted gemstones, not only as solitaire’s, but framed so each will hook to the other in a sequence of hook & eye techniques clearly defined and shown in my DVD series entitled ‘The Claw”.

   The first few bracelets I made sold right away. So I made several more and they too sold, with requests for specific types starting to trickle in. Within a year, I had developed an entire line of jewelry and a whole host of new designs and techniques that were now ‘Real Jewelry’.

   Today, some few years later, I did finally complete the Claw DVD series (and this new WebStore) so that others may also make and reap the benefits of faceted gemstone jewelry. As an ex-training instructor for several local shipyards around Mobile, I had experience with training & making the DVD’s came as second nature to me. So I put everything into them and so far, everyone that has seen it has said it was “pretty darn good”.

We Know the Claw System is well Designed & We Know it is Creating Exceptional Value because of Creative Hair and Wigs.

   For it is in this successful store where we failed; and tried again; and failed; and tried again; only to light up the display’s with faceted gemstones; which worked. There seems nothing like those gleaming, sparkling faceted gemstones, for surely they add an aura of ‘professionalism’ to the display; ultimately, the business itself. They also add sales.

   Then we discovered that the Claw worked SO well, no one was returning for repairs, all we had to see

were those returning for more. We also began to notice that customers wanted to know how to make the jewelry as well, and there was also interest generated in the faceted gemstones themselves.

   So we slowed our jewelry production to a trickle & spent the last 2.5 years building the Claw DVD’s and the webstore you see now.

   But it all began inside Creative Hair and Wigs for it was there where we tested what would and would not work; and it was there where I received all my encouragement from during those first years of failure.

   So this space is dedicated to my wife Sheila and her business that has helped thousands of traumatized women & men overcome hair loss due to medical or other complications.

Picture of Sheila Lee, owner of Creative Hair and Wigs

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                                                                      We know the Claw & Spider Gemstone Harnessing Technique is positively well founded as it’s effectiveness has been tested not only at Creative Hair & Wigs, but in other settings as well, including some outdoors.

   So we have worked hard to develop the technique into a workable series of steps that will allow others to learn the faceted gemstone harnessing technique(s). We have also strived to inventory the needed faceted gemstones so our clients and customers could build the same ‘themed’ jewelry sets that we do, which is the heart of what people really like the most.

   It required years of heartache, celebrations & persistence to develop and build all of what you see here. We can only hope that in doing so, we have gained your trust enough to expect our product to perform just as it is described.

Faceted Gemstone Jewelry Model Photo

   Then on an ordinary Sunday afternoon, an idea came to me. I sat down, slightly perplexed, & attempt my very first “Claw”.

   I could see that this time, things were different. The end result was wop-sided & it had two uneven prongs, but the technique “did” work.

   Now, years later, not only is the technique being published, but a whole line of specialty jewelry has been created to go with it.

Faceted Gemstone Jewelry Model Photo of Taylor Taylor Alexia

About  MrGemStoneEyes

   Right about now I’m guessing I should be talking about how great the company is and how much experience I have, all these degrees and all this wonderful bunch of BS. None of it means doodly in this particular situation.

   No matter who is who or what a bunch of signs or Logo’s say, I can either make beautiful jewelry or I can’t; the Claw either works or it doesn’t. There is no need for a bunch of oooh’ing and aaah’ing and preludes; the program either works or it doesn’t; and… the faceted gemstones are either real or they aren’t. Right?

   Yet on the other hand … we LIKE preludes; we Like drama; we ‘want’ to be entertained … as do we all … so I built a place where we could do just that; build some jewelry; take photos; help a few others; make a little money; have some fun … and even with the new webstore, those things are still just as important today.

   But all jokes aside, an endeavor has to earn a profit or it will fail and when people spend money for something, it’s not a joke and it is time to be serious & to insure that everyone receives more than fair value for their efforts. No matter who I am, where I worked in the past, or what I look like, right now, in this moment, I am either treating people fairly or I am not; I either have creating something of value others can also use to profit with, or I have not and should be banned from saying so;

   As a training instructor for several local shipyards, my students either became shipbuilders with skill or they did not & that reflection would be on me, not them. But I  

loved training and shaping skills. It was some of my best work and I was very gratified to win Instructor of the year.   

   Now some time later, I find myself once again, in a position of sharing knowledge with others. Unbelievably, it is not with the marine industry though, as I had always thought. This time it is with jewelry, and in all truth, I am the most unlikely person you would ever see building jewelry.

   Yet this same paradox is what makes me know for sure that if I can build jewelry this beautiful, you can too. With a good supply of the faceted gemstones, there is no reason you cannot carry out the same “plan” in your area that I did.

   Which brings us to “About MrGemStoneEyes”, why this business exists;    1. To supply you with the knowledge of how to harness faceted gemstones; 2. To supply you with the hard to find gemstone lots you’ll need to build themed jewelry; and 3; to supply you with other jewelry already made to help you supplement your builds for more sales if you choose to.

“In all truth, I am the most un-likely person you would ever meet that would be building jewelry.”                                                                       -MGEM-

   In the ‘real world’ MrGemStoneEyes is a family man living in a world of mostly all girls (ladies all - of coarse). His wife of 17 years owns/operates the famed Wig & Hair Studio named Creative Hair & Wigs and is the reasoning behind his attempt to build handcrafted jewelry.

   Originally, Joe’s family was a family of hunters and scouts, as his grandfather, Bob, was the hunting scout for president Theodore “Teddy” Roosevelt. At a young age, Joey (mgem’s godchild name) found 40 silver dollars at the base of an old Spanish Oak tree (with his father) and from that moment on, quit hunting animals and started hunting treasure. “I think I was 11 years old and finding that silver changed me forever…” Joe says. “… for the jewelry, and especially the Claw, would probably never have happened had that not occurred.”

More About MrGemStoneEyes More About:

   You're probably wondering how in the world can there be more about MrGemStoneEyes ? There’s more & if you want, read on.

   Because it's about music; it's about gemstones, making jewelry, and it's about treasure hunting. You see . . . before “MrGemStoneEyes” existed, there was “Dancin Sands”, a small studio that “tried to” made handcrafted jewelry.

   Originally, the name “Dancin Sands” was derived from GOLD

Hunting. If you have ever operated a small dredge, and used it

to dredge for gold, you will notice that water flows through a

"sluice box", and in this sluice box are ridges or flanges called

rifles. These rifles are designed to make the water "eddy" or

curl under as it passes over. Inside these small water eddies

are the downward currents that push the gold out of the water

down onto the matting. It is in these currents where the act of

separation occurs, & it is here where the sands will dance

for you. For as we know, when the sands are dancing, the

dredge is running smoothly.

MrGemStoneEyes Company Description Page for Gemstone Jewelry Breen Bar

   Ever thought you would hear of a jewelry & gemstone business founded on the ‘dancing sands’ of a gold dredge?

   Dancin Sands is seen as a place where the act of

separation occurs; where beauty is formed or gained

from raw material; just as does the gold dredge.

   This is true regardless whether we are considering

music, raw metals, gemstones or jewelry: for each, in

their own way, must be formed or sculpted to turn them

into beautiful, one of a kind works of art.

   Such is the purpose of Dancin Sands Studio.

   As is MrGemStoneEyes; a comic character who works “in the shop” helping to both make & sell the jewelry, as well as to keep the place fun.

   People like gemstones & beautiful jewelry, but they

LOVE to have a good time. Putting them both together

seems to work relatively well.

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