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   The Claw Harnessing Technique is not just a single piece of work, or a specific project. It is an entirely new way to work with wire. The series not only gives you a few projects to make, it gives you the ability to design, to elaborate, to create beautiful awe inspiring works of art that you can price moderately so they will “sell”.

   You want to generate value for your customer. And one way to create this value is by using multiple faceted gemstones in the work. Building complete jewelry sets is really popular, but difficult for the “small artist” as the faceted gemstones have to all match in color and type throughout the set.

   But using the SPIDER Series Techniques, along with the faceted gemstones you can now buy through MGEM, you can build the type of jewelry usually reserved for wealthy clients. The way to make your jewelry sell, is to let it sell itself.

   The Spider is the advanced series in faceted gemstone harnesses. Once you have developed the Claw & can use it

well, you will be able to master the Spider’s pronged frames in no time. Together, there is no limit to your creations.

   The CLAW is a lengthy 3 disk series (4.5 hours) of harnessing faceted gemstones up close and personal. Beginning briefly with tools & materials, the remainder explodes with clear, precise faceted gemstone harnessing work being done. The series is designed to be a valuable source of Claw training techniques that will allow you to begin building faceted gemstone jewelry right away. Since time is our most important commodity, it is futile to devote so much time to a project only to have it worth little or nothing of significant value upon completion.

   Adding faceted gemstones gives your jewelry greater value & allows a customer to retain value as well. People like buying something when it is worth more than they paid for it & the only way to do that in jewelry is with faceted gemstones.    Once you learn the Claw basics and are harnessing faceted gemstones, you can then purchase (or begin) the other series & give real value to your customers by building elaborate jewelry worth significantly more than you have to sell it for to earn a profit. It is a WIN / WIN for everyone involved.

   That’s why we can GUARANTEE the series 100% - it works. Order your copy today and watch your business soar.

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Gemstone Jewelry Tutorials

Here’s How & Why the Claw System Works …    

                            Faceted Gemstones are largely unpopular with “crafter's” due to the availability & sizing issues of snap sets & other pronged frames that hold the gemstone in place. Prior to the release of this information, faceted gemstones were very hard to work with. Many jewelry supply stores had stopped selling them & only jewelry “casters” (who make their items by casting molds) remain in the market.

   But no more.

   Now anyone can learn to harness gemstones without casting molds and without having to match & buy

mounting sets. No more having to worry about the size of the gemstone either. As many of the high quality “lower priced”

gemstones are “off sizes” like the 7mm or 11mm or any odd numbers to which snap sets and dangles are not made.

Buying these “off sized” gemstones is how we save money on the mixed lots. Since we no longer worry about sizing, all

we are concerned with is the quality and price of the gemstones.

   This gives us HUGE versatility and adds many construction de-limitations. In fact, it opens up a whole new world of building ideas and market valuations, now empowering the artist with unlimited ability to design faceted jewelry far

more valuable and time-worthy.

  Together, the three Kits will give you everything you need to know to construct beautiful faceted gemstone jewelry.    And now, there is even MORE video & information with your “Client Access” in the Main WorkShop.

   The Jewelry Workshop by

MGEM will show you ‘how to’ build faceted gemstone jewelry.

   Armed with this information

you will be able to create gem-

stone jewelry that is far more

valuable than ceramics, acrylic

or tumbled pendant stones of

any type, period.

   We’re talking Faceted Gem-

stones of ANY shape or size

that can now be easily woven

into your creations, giving each

far more value and as a result,

more paid for your hard work.

 If you want to create elaborate

gemstone jewelry that sells

itself, then the MGEM Claw

Kits are for you.

   “It doesn’t matter if you

are a seasoned artist, wire

weaving wizard, or just a

beginner, the Claw KITS

offered by MGEM contain

the exact information you

‘need to know’ to build

beautiful jewelry using

faceted gemstones.”


   There are thousands of different types of jewelry that can be made with the Claw.

   It doesn’t matter if you are a seasoned artist, wire weaving wizard, or just a beginner, the instructions  & gem kits offered by MGEM contain everything you need to know to build beautiful faceted gemstone jewelry.

   Kit 1 is “the CLAW” & it is where you need to begin. You’ll understand why once you see it. Since the technique is totally new, everyone will need to start at the very beginning.

  Kit 2 is “the RingMaker” & it contains the information necessary for building rings; both solitaire designer and multi-stone beauties. With it, you will be able to design & build nearly any type of ring for any occasion.

  Kit 3 is “the Spider” & it contains the advanced series for necklace making, accents and patterned spiders for multi-stone pieces. It is the perfect ‘round out’ to the series & contains some special offers for those who completed the entire series.

“How To” Build Faceted Gemstone Jewelry and other Techniques for the Serious Artist

   Jewelry building techniques shown in this area are those developed exclusively by MGEM. You will not find this information anywhere else.

   There are portions which may overlap with known techniques, but construction of “the claw”, “the spider” and “the ringmaker”, along with it’s supporting techniques that address faceted gemstones specifically, are exclusive copy written materials of MrGemStoneEyes.

   The RingMaker Series is a very special recording. Since the two most popular jewelry items are rings and bracelets, the RingMaker is the icing on the Claw cake.

   For many years casters controlled the ring market, and much of it, is still so. Molds are made, the metals melted and poured in, removed, clipped & polished (or plated) and then the stones set. While there are some very beautiful rings made this way, you don’t have to become a caster or smelter of metals to build beautiful faceted gemstone jewelry.    Today, all you need is a wire artist tool kit, some wire and the RingMaker Series (along with a Kit, Parcel or Gemstone Lot) and you’re ready to compete with the very best of them.

   The series begins by showing you a solitaire faceted gemstone ring that is made in about 15-20 minutes. From there, you’ll learn “several” double, triple and even multi-gemstone ring techniques, meaning you can make a ring for most all occasions; from the small solitaire 25.00 rings, to the “knuckle to knuckle” fashion statements.

   Building jewelry that sells itself is no easy, everyday task. There are many in the business & it seems all have every

type of design you can imagine. But there is a way to make your jewelry sell itself and that method is to use “eye

popping” faceted gemstones. Making designs in metals was popular for a time; and casting frames that hold a

multitude of tiny faceted gemstones is way over-played & the market is saturated with these types of work.

   The market is NOT saturated with medium to large faceted gemstones however, and if you want your jewelry to

really sell, then you will need to add the one element the market does not have an abundance of; large faceted gem-

stones. Multi-stone bracelets and rings; pendants of gleaming sparkles, and bangles of huge garnets & citrine all add glamour and VALUE. And that is what makes the jewelry sell.

   The 3 Set Series is there for those wanting to save money, and/or for those wanting to acquire the full scope of the Series Technique right off. For those that do select this option, there will be something extra in your package.


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*Don’t Forget Your Faceted Gemstones. If you don’t have any, you’ll need at least a few to practice with.

           Show you exactly How To:

and WorkShop AccessMain WorkShop NOTICEIn the future, the RingMaker Series will contain a special sector in the Client WorkShop. To access this area, you simply need to own the RingMaker DVD Series.The DVD’s will play in all disk readers, including TV.