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Ocean Blue TOPAZ Gemstone Lot 25 ct.

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Beautiful Gemstones  do Make Beautiful Jewelry & it Begins
Right Here.

    The Claw Harnessing Technique and Faceted Gemstones together are the very heart & ‘story’ of MrGemStoneEyes.
    One without the other does no good.

   “I learned that the hard way” says Joe. “Here I was with this pretty good technique & could not get the faceted gemstones.” Joe explains “The stones available were either in mixed colors & shapes or in pastel colors, again all mixed up. I could not make the first piece of themed jewelry for less than 500 dollars.”
   But now, all of that has changed. There is real help for the small artisan who seeks “themed” faceted gemstones.

   The MrGemStoneEyes faceted gemstone Sector begins here. There are three (3) pages & this is page #1

   Details of each gemstone lot, parcel or Kit is reached by simply clicking the frame, numbers panel, or picture.
   The e-commerce buttons are Live.
   After viewing the Detail Information, to return to your last view, click the
“Back To” Button in the page footer.

   PLEASE Note: If you like what you see & your purchase is satisfactory or beyond, let others know it by clicking on the Google+1 & FaceBook’s LIKE buttons posted in this WebStore. You can BookMark the site, perform Print & other functions, all from the “Social Media Strip” and “Like” Buttons.

MrGemStoneEyes Link Map for All Faceted Gemstones

You’ll know that you are in the right place for gemstones when, for the very first time, you open your gemstone parcel .  Pictures just do not portray their real beauty.

Ocean Blue TOPAZ Gemstone Lot 50 ct.

Ocean Blue TOPAZ Gemstone Lot 200 ct.

Golden Citrine Gemstone Lot 200 ct.

Madeira Citrine Gemstone Lot 50 ct.

Madeira Citrine Gemstone Parcel 30 ct.

Golden Citrine Gemstone Kit 25 ct.

Square Golden Citrine Gemstone Kit 27 ct.

Golden Citrine Gemstone Kit 30 ct.

Red Garnets Gemstone Lot 200 ct.

Red Garnets Gemstone Lot 50 ct.

Garnet Faceted Gemstone Lot of 50 carets, Mixed sizes

Red Garnets Gemstone Lot 25 ct.

Red Garnet Emerald Gemstone Kit 15-20 ct

Cranberry Garnet  Gemstone Kit 25 ct

Red Garnet & Carnelian  Gemstone Kit 20 ct

Next Page More Faceted Gemstones on the following page. . . musical note glasses Custom Order Form

Faceted Gemstones and Gemstone Lots, Parcels & Kits

Faceted Gemstones and Gemstone Lots - Sector 1

The Very Heart of our Webstore is Faceted Gemstones.The Gemstones Main Title Entering Gematone Lot Area

   This is a Display Model WebStore with full-view photography and lengthy details.

   You’ll find it a refreshing difference from the tiny text & crammed in shopping cart styled websites that are across the web.

   Enjoy your browsing.

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