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Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry &  Gemstones

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Our Unique Hand Crafted Faceted Gemstone Jewelry begins below under  MAIN LINKS

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Jewelry you’ll not find elsewhere for this price.

In Fact, MrGemStoneEyes has Jewelry you won’t find anywhere else for ANY price.

All Natural, Genuine Gemstones Used Throughout

Made with:  Amethyst, Citrine, Carnelian, Druzy Quartz, Emerald, Garnet, Green Chromere, Iolite, Lectra Blue Quartz, Madeira Citrine, Marco Redundum, Onyx, Pearls, Peridot, Red Coral, Ruby, Rutilated Quartz, Topaz, Sapphire and many many others.

Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry

Fine Hand Crafted Jewelry and Gemstones by MrGemStoneEyes

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Gemstone Jewelry Built to Last a Lifetime

   10 Good Reasons Why You Should Buy Faceted Gemstone Jewelry from MrGemStoneEyes

   Here’s the 10 (ten) good reasons. For one, you won’t need an insurance policy on your gemstones as the Claw Harness is the strongest faceted gemstone harness in existence today; two, no need to worry about cleaning your jewelry as even scrubbing the stones with a toothbrush will not make them fall out; three, the jewelry is made for life-long construction, with no tiny pieces of metal(s) to break off or wear; four, made with genuine materials only, no plated items are included; five; has the most value for the dollar spent vs. any other faceted gemstone jewelry made; six, each jewelry piece is a unique, sculpted, one of a kind work of art; seven, “the fine hand crafted jewelry” caret weight is usually double compared to other typical jewelry in it’s class; eight, much better prices; nine, excellent customer service and ten; because we need and will appreciate your business ten (10) times more.

Orchid Amethyst Faceted Gemstone Jewelry Set of 110 carets

   This Orchid Amethyst Jewelry set is valued at well over 1,000 dollars. It would probably be priced to sell somewhere near the 800.00 dollar range depending greatly upon where you purchased it at.

    However … by learning & using the Claw Harnessing Technique & by acquiring your faceted gemstones from MrGemStoneEyes the above detailed equation can be met, even exceeded.

   Now, ‘small’ artists and regular people who don’t have thousands of dollars can still build/buy-wear-sell jewelry of this class.

   Here’s how…

   There are 2 ways to approach your acquisition(s) for this type of faceted gemstone jewelry:

   #1 is to Build it yourself. Acquire the Claw DVD and faceted gemstones from MrGemStoneEyes, then get the wire & simple wire tool kit, and you are ready to go.

   #2 is to buy it wholesale from MGEM already made.

   There would also then be a 3rd option & that would be to use both acquisition techniques; build & buy.    Learn to build your most lavish faceted gemstone jewelry sets and pieces for your “top end” designer jewelry line, then buy the strung or bezel set jewelry at wholesale for customers, or other stores that you wholesale jewelry to in your region (or retail).

   Using both approaches gives you a much wider range of jewelry styles in your line, & will help significantly with larger orders that you would not otherwise be able to fill (make by yourself). So make sure to arm your jewelry arsenal by checking out our wholesale jewelry, a nice accommodation to your gemstone order.

Where Every Customer is Appreciated

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3 Sectors of Wholesale Gemstone Jewelry

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“Where BIG Dreams are Built for the Small Artisan”.

Gemstone Jewelry Necklaces, Bracelets and Rings in Jewelry Cabinet

  MrGemStoneEyes has Jewelry that NO-ONE else on the planet has.

  Interested to see what it is ? Then Click on the Faceted Gemstone Jewelry Link.

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